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College: Rochester Institute of Technology

Degree: Game Design and Development

GPA: 3.72


C++, C#, ES5/6/7/8

Game Development Skills:

Quad/Oct-trees, Spatial Hashing, SAT, Dijkstra, A*, Optimization

Gameplay Programming, Environment Design, UI/UX Design, Game Design

Web Skills:

Node.JS, React, MongoDB, Redis, ESLint, Babel

SASS, Gulp, HTML Canvas



2016 - Present

Technology: ES5, Bootstrap

HeroJam hosts charity game jams committed to helping kids in hospitals around the world. We support Child's Play Charity, providing kids in hospitals with toys, books, and games.

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Fragile Equilibrium


Technology: C#, Unity

Worked on developing the pre-alpha and alpha versions of Fragile Equilibrium, a shoot-em-up game being created by Magic Spell Studios. Work included the player, expandable AI, and level generation.

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Technology: ES6, Node.JS, MongoDB, Babel, Nodemon

A basic project to experiment with advanced REST operations and database usage.

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Paper Balloons


Technology: ES6, Node.JS,, Babel, Nodemon, HTML Canvas

A multiplayer experience using Web Sockets. Time was spent creating a polished feeling experience and experimenting with AI and flocking behaviors on a server.

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Technology: ES6, Node.JS,, Babel, Nodemon, HTML Canvas

A basic multiplayer experience using Web Sockets. All physics are calculated on the back-end.

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Audio Visualizer


Technology: ES5, Web Audio, HTML Canvas

A project to create an appealing visualizer for audio. Most of the time spent was put into creating a visually appealing design.

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